Liya’s Technology

Green natural plant extraction technology, green preservative technology, flowers, plant fidelity preservation technology, application technology of essential oil care cosmetics, etc.,

through the high-tech precision instruments and equipment for raw material test and research, the safety and efficacy have scientifically rigorous raw materials and semi-finished products inspection standard and inspection process, to ensure the products with good quality and meet the demand of the market.

We provide formulations, mood boards, product designs, artwork services, trend forecasts and packaging options to all kinds of beauty products. We hold values learned and practiced by generations to create a strong, professional yet fun and trend company. Products range from hairdressing products, hair color products, beauty cosmetics, skin care to personal care. Complete products line for option.

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Your Trust Contract manufacturing for cosmetics

Our focus is on developing and produce cosmetics with high added-value,natural chemical free products for the global beauty market.We undertakes contract manufacturing in skin care, body care, specialty hair care.

Starting The Product Development Process

o1.Product Concept

Our sales teams will talk and work closely with you in determining the product you desire (Ingredients,formula,design concept, market, quantity, etc.).

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o2.Product design

Our Design team will develop a product that is tailored for specific applications of you and your brands.

Who We Are

Liya is an open and inclusive brand, which is committed to the R&D of hairdressing and cosmetics products since 1997.

Liya always takes “novelty, safety and profession” as our brand concept.

As a team, we will always challenge the status quo by putting our partnerships and projects first.

We continue to create unique products on the basis of product competitiveness. customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation.By adopting these foundations, we create an environment for our LIYA team and our LIYA clients, where your needs would be understood, your voices would be heard, and where we make your dreams come true.

In LIYA Cosmetics in order to sustain our company values and competitive edge we strive to have fun doing OEM ODM cosmetic manufacture.

One of the best things my father has passed on to me is the legacy of true humanity in creating a beautiful world.



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Global Business and Service

Cooperate with more than 90% of the countries in the world and gain recognition from them. Cross-country, cross-distance, and cross-language exchanges are only for better service.

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