Semi-Permanent/Temporary Hair Dye

Why Choose Liya's Semi-Permanent Products
  • No Chemical Composition,Use Herbal Ingredients Without Damaging The Hair
  • Aloe vera extracts, moisturizing and healthy.
  • A Vide Range Of Brilliant Color Shades-Hair Dyeing Is Trendy
  • Direct use, easy to operate, no need to deploy
What is Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is a No ammonia or peroxide, zero damage hair, short-term way temporary trendy your color-treated hair.It does not need to be mixed with a developer,So it's also a much easier way to do at home hair care.

Lifespan/How long it lasts

Normally,Semi-Permanent Hair Color Have A Shorter Lifespan
Our Products Can withstand 8-12 times the fading ability of shampoo, not sticky

Nourishing Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

The Beautiful series are the soft colors used after each relaxing service.

Why Choose Liya's Semi-Permanent Products
  • The hair color cream dyes is the latest generation hi-tech hair blackening products by applying Chinese Herbal Secret recipe with herbal extracts, for cuticle damage is small, low allergy, low stimulation and mild nature to hair, and can make hair manageable, black and lustrous with persistent effect.
  • An easy and pleasurable application.Don't needs to mixed with the coloring agent before hair dyeing getting ready.
  • Long-lasting color , natural shiny color , softness & silky
  • Direct use, easy to operate, no need to deploy
What is Permanent Hair Color Dye

Permanent hair dye-
It opening up the hair shaft and adding color,embeds color more deeply into hair,provides complete hair color changes, and lasts much longer than semi permanent hair color.

Permanent Hair Dye Shampoo

Apply on dry hair 5-10mins. Then wash your hair thoroughly with water.

applying and comes with new hair color is extremely easy – even for beginners at home hair salon