What is the essence?

It is a kind of facial skincare product, which contains many functional ingredients and high concentration.

How to choose the essence that suits you?

1.Choose by function

Follow two principles: ① See the ingredients to know the efficacy ② Focus on skincare by age.3Choose by age

2.Before the age of 25,

if there is no major problem with the skin. Just choose a moisturizing essence.

After the age of 25,

you should start using antioxidant essence, which is to prevent aging.

After 30 years old,

of course, I don’t say you all know that you have to use anti-aging essence.

3.Choose by skin type

For dry skin,

extract water and oily essence, which can form a protective oil film on the skin surface to prevent water evaporation;

People with normal skin can apply various essences that they need, such as whitening, anti-acne, and wrinkle removal;

For oily skin,

extract essences that can tighten the skin, control oil secretion, and shrink pores, such as plant essences, and different forms of essences are suitable for different types of skin.


 How to apply the essence to maximize the effect?

  1. Use After Lotion

After we have done the cleaning work, it is best to soak the cotton pad with toner, and then wipe the face with the cotton pad. This will make the skin absorb it better. It is also possible to pat the toner with your hands.

But this is not as effective as using a cotton pad. The skin that has absorbed the lotion will become lighter, and after the second cleansing, the aging cutin and greasy dirt on the surface of the skin will be removed. This is more convenient for the

subsequent absorption of the product, and after confirming that the skin has absorbed it, the essence is used again.

  1. Choose The Essence That Suits You

There are many types of essences, such as whitening, moisturizing, anti-freckle, anti-aging, and other functions. Different functions and effects are different. You must choose the corresponding essence based on your skin condition.

  1. Use The Appropriate Amount

The nutrient content of the essence is relatively modified, and it is also a high-concentration skincare product. It does not need to be used too much. If it is too much, it will have the opposite effect, which will irritate the skin and also be very wasteful.

It is recommended to use 2-3 drops of the essence, combined with massage techniques.

  1. Remember To Moisturize And Lock Water Afterward

Don’t think it’s okay to go through the above steps. In fact, it’s still the most important step, which is to better absorb the essence. It is best to apply lotion or cream after the essence to enhance the moisturizing effect. This use will make the skin hydrated and elastic.

 Essence active ingredients


Sacred Algae: It has extremely high water retention capacity, locks water for 24 hours, shapes and tightens, and the skin is refreshed with a watery feel, and the effect of maintaining stability is also great.

Glycerin: Moisturizing and moisturizing, absorb the proper amount of water to maintain cell stability, mild and non-irritating.

Hyaluronic acid: Highly moisturizing molecules, make the skin look plump and hydrated.

Amino Acids: Highly moisturizing, regulates the acidity and alkalinity of water, and balances skin’s water and oil.


Retinol: Vitamin A, which regulates the metabolism of the stratum corneum, dilutes epidermal pigment, and restores cell elasticity.

Visa: Antioxidant, can protect the skin from free radical damage.

Yeast: Effectively protect the skin from UV damage and strengthen the stratum corneum metabolism.

Peptide: It can avoid muscle contraction, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin relaxation.


Niacinamide: The most common whitening ingredient, inhibits the growth of melanin and dilutes the melanin that has been produced.

(PS: Slightly irritating, low concentration is recommended for the first use~).

Arbutin: whiten and lighten spots, remove dullness on the face, and lighten brown spots.

377: Inhibits the production of melanin and has an outstanding skin whitening effect.

Vitamin C: Also called antioxidants, it can prevent melanin precipitation, whiten, and remove spots.

Repair class

Ceramide: It has a powerful moisturizing and water-retaining effect, which is very effective in repairing damaged skin and protecting the skin barrier.

Squalane: It has good skin affinity and can be highly blended with the urinary sebum of the skin to form a protective film.

Calendula: Gentle and non-irritating, natural, anti-inflammatory, and anti-acne effect is very good.

After reading the article, do you have a deeper understanding of the essence?

Hope it can help you better choose the essence.


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