Q1: What should I pay attention to when perming my hair in autumn and winter?

In autumn and winter, hair usually becomes dry. If you continue to perm in this situation, you need to pay attention to moisturizing your hair. Therefore, when choosing a perm product, it is best to choose a three-in-one hair dye, which can nourish the hair well and help enhance the moisturizing power and strength of the hair.

Q2: After entering the autumn and winter seasons, we will feel scratchy and vulnerable. What is the factor? How do we solve this problem?

Most of us know that the temperature level and climate regulation of these four periods (gusts and dryness) can easily cause facial skin irritation and dry skin. The scalp is also skin, thinner than facial skin. Therefore, temperature changes and completely dry air can cause damage and irregularities in the skin barrier, which can lead to dandruff, oily head and itching.

How To Solve Your Hair From damage

Step 1: Wash the oil secreted by the scalp and the dust attached to the scalp, which can not only clean the surface, but also deeply clean the roots of the hair to ensure that the scalp can be restored to a clean state.

Step 2: Avoid direct sunlight on your hair as much as possible, and wear a hat as much as possible when the strong,wind blows, so as not to “damage” the hair.

Step 3: Choose the best hair care products, such as hair oil, conditioner or hair mask, to nourish our hair and keep the scalp in a healthy, water-oil-balanced environment.

Someone may be worried: will applying conditioner to oily hair make the hair look oilier? No, this is a wrong idea. Even if your hair is oily, your hair still needs the repairing effect of conditioner, and there are many conditioners for oily hair on the market. After use, your hair will be fresh and not greasy. With conditioner, you don’t have to worry about your hair becoming oilier.

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