Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Formulated Ingredient Table List

Organic Hair Dye Ingredients


  • Coconut-Coconut contains naturally rich CAPB, especially for dry hair, which can effectively moisturize the hair during the dyeing process.
  • Goji-Goji berries to intensify can the colour
  • Argan Oil-Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it gives shine, nourishment and softness to the hair


  • Hydrolised Keratin-The hair is protected and reconstructed thanks to the hydrolysed keratin formula
  • Aloe-Aloe contains 22 kinds of natural amino acids, as well as a variety of rich vitamins and minerals. Not only can it repair dry hair, but most importantly, it can effectively care for the scalp.
  • Pure micro Pigments-A long-lasting and intense colour thanks to the 99.9% pure micro pigments. It respects the balance of the hair and scalp, by re-colouring and dyeing the hair

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